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Greek Mythology: Final Product

Research project for 6th grade research on Greek mythological figures.


Step Three: Create your Costume 

Research Product

Final Presentation

Wouldn’t it be an incredible experience to meet a REAL Greek God or Goddess?  For this assignment, after choosing and researching your Greek figure, you will present your findings in a “Living Museum.”  In other words, you will become your subject of study!

Taking on the role of your chosen hero, you will present what you have learned about this individual:

  • Who are they and why are they important to Greek mythology?
  • What are their powers and their weaknesses?
  • What did this person look like? Using props (and maybe a costume!), you will present yourself as this hero to add the “Living Museum” element to your presentation.

You will act as the living representation of your chosen tragic hero, so you must make every effort to share an oral narrative of this hero’s life in a 2 minute (120 second) speech.

Example of a living museum: