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GT National History Project: Home

National History Day Information

 November 16:            Registration Opens (click here)

·         December 15:             History Day Virtual Workshop for New Teachers

·         January 12:                  History Day Virtual Workshop for All Teachers

·         January 25:                 Preliminary Estimated Number of Entries by School Due

·         February 8:                 Registration Closes at 11:59 pm

·         February 10:               Judging Begins for all Categories

·         February 27:               El Paso History Day Awards Ceremony at 1:00 pm



Please note that the National History Day program has created many resources to support students and teachers.  Here are a few:




Student videos

Choosing a Topic

*Exploring topics using the National Archives and Records digital collections (Sara Lyons Davis, Education Specialist)

*NHD 2021 Topics with Mandy Van Heuvelen, Museum Learning and Programs Department

Where to start and to ask for help

People to contact to help share information:


  • Local Library
  • School Library
  • College/University Library

Archives—Education Specialist or Research Archivist

  • Local Historical Society
  • State Historical Society
  • Museum—Curator of Collections, Registrar
  • Artifacts are great primary sources!

Category Specific


  • Copy Editor
  • English teacher (Current or Retired)
  • Journalist


  • Art teacher (talk about color concepts and how to use in an exhibit)
  • Museum Exhibit Designer/ Curator (talk about how to write effective labels)


  • Drama teacher
  • Community theater director
  • College/University theater department (can ask if any students would want to mentor
  • students)


  • Local Station News Editors/Producers
  • Radio Station (narration advice)


  • IT/Graphic designers
  • Art Teacher (talk about color concepts)

Other Help:

  • Coordinators (talk to your Regional Coordinator or State Coordinator to get ideas or to fill in


Massachusetts Historical Society

Digital Resources

Texas Resources